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Web & Graphics design

We've done it for more than 20 years, continuously renewing knowledge, approach and adaptaion to trends. Always exploring new means and ways to approach any given task.Plus make full use of all experiences, from smaller or larger 

Web design of today should, regardless of application, platform or code type, be based on a scalable Content Management solution (CMS). With mobile phone or tablet use in mind. All the most commonly used CMS frameworks supports responsive design, permitting needed features for developing or refining responsive design.

Compromises - not a bad thing

To achieve optimal results one might have to make some compromises with regards to content formatting or presentation. Some would say responsive design requirements are positive aspects, as it means more attention to exactly how content, or a page, is made. The wall-of-text approach is passè, if paragraphs are too long and layout too condensed, the information might not be read.

As always, now supported by need for scalability and mobile access, one fundamental "law" (always) applies; "Keep it simple"! For what might come across as hip and cool at first may quickly become cumbersome, dull, impractical and boring. We approach every project with the customer in mind, think holistically and work hard to find the optimal balance between web/graphics profile and content presentation.

On the web projects page you will find examples, some customer or client sites and, hopefully, some designs you like.