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Let’s talk about Social Business

Hey there, welcome back to "Tech-Rant & Co"! In a previous post i talked about (or ranted about) collaboration services open source style. A seriously good, free alternative for businesses, companies or organisations, whilst compared to those from IBM or Microsoft. One that... well click here to read/see it . In this post I will talk (or rant) about ... Social Business Whether a concept...

Collaboration, open source style

Since mid/late 90s Collaboration technologies and services have been a particular field of interest for me. Used to say that the reason I ended up working with IT is not only because of (a genuine) interest in technology, but also due to a genuine interest in people. That a function, a service or concept actually works, and makes people happy or content. After all IT...

Yeah I am "drupalized", with good reason(s)

Indeed, and I don't say that because it's hip or cool, but because of the platform , the possibilities, solidity, scalability and, not entirely unimportant, safety. Though truth be told, if you are concerned with security then the first thing to consider is to get a SSL certificate for your website, regardless of what it's build with. Especially if you offer any form of login,...

What's good web design?

It's quite interesting how things have evolved, especially for those who've been tinkering with web stuff and web design since the "beginning of time" or since web became available for the general public. For some of us it even goes further back, from the time when "design" was confined to what you could do on and with a Bulletin Board (BBS) menu screen. From the...

CJEU supports company and favors internet freedom

In a legal case the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on June 5th ruled that Internet users have the right to browse online freely without the threat of copyright infringement. The ruling marks the end of five years of litigation between publisher copyright group, the NLA , and a company by the name of Meltwater , provider of online intelligence solutions delivering...

Web presence, why you should build & improve it

I am sure you have done it, one or many times, Googled yourself, searched your name. In most cases searches will return pages that has no connection to you, don't contain any information whatsoever or at least nothing you consider representative. If you're a member of Social services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. these will normally either rank on top or very high up on the result lists.

Social Business - IT Money Pit or Cash Cow?

It's been a few years since the concept of Social Business became a buzzword (to some), and began to flash across Power Point presentations. It's also been a few years since Gartner Group began to write about Social Business, perform analysis and benchmarking to support their, at least to some, well known Magic Quadrant predictions.