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Drupal Encrypt, new and better version

Are you running a Drupal website without SSL certificate? If you're not not into eCommerce, run a website with webshop, forums or anything that requires or offers login for users, then you're (mostly) fine. If however you have a website that offers or uses login services, you should think about minimum safety and security. Not the least for your users but of course, personal (admin)...

Bvckup 2, backup software worth considering

Early in February I blogged about experiences with a Private cloud or NAS solution . Plus early stage experience with a backup application/service called Bvckup 2 . Now, as usually is the case, software was included in the NAS package. Some was useful, some was fairly useless, and the backup aspect of the software package really was useless. The solution? Spent $20 on an application...