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Bvckup 2, backup software worth considering

Early in February I blogged about experiences with a Private cloud or NAS solution . Plus early stage experience with a backup application/service called Bvckup 2 . Now, as usually is the case, software was included in the NAS package. Some was useful, some was fairly useless, and the backup aspect of the software package really was useless. The solution? Spent $20 on an application...

First BSOD on Windows 7/64. But system restore worked!

If you are running AVG Free version (which btw is excellent IMHO) and one day feel an almost irresistible urge to try their Tune-up utility , I have one recommendation for you.... DON'T! OR... do it if you know you have a (safe) retreat or recall option. It might work for you, then again you risk ending up where I landed. For the sake of...

When facebook for companies comes....

....... or when Facebook launches a version of Facebook for companies, will that change things a whole lot? Will it become a success story equal to the original facebook concept? Which was launched at a time when there only was one competitor, Myspace , now more a shadow of its original social "self". Well, the rumors of such a creation have been out and about...

Extended life support for Windows XP?

Well it did not take many weeks before someone worked out a solution (or hack) for die-hard Windows XP owners. A solution that may work, quite likely with the sort of risk you or I would like to avoid, but allow those who simply cannot let go of XP with (potentially) another (approx.) 5 years of support.

Internet - a digital Antiques Roadshow?

A joke, but seriously, too many antiquities are in service on the web/internet, with outdated software, or operative systems. Those who own these may one day get a nasty surprise, contrary some of the people showing up in the BBC Antiques Roadshow . People who are responsible for server antiquities are gambling with privacy, trust and security.

Updates, Windows XP, last oil and orders

On April 8'th 2014 Microsoft began distribute the last update for Windows XP (are they done?), If you're one of the recipients then be advised that it's high time to consider an alternative, a future platform, Windows or other. No danger yet, in fact you may still be safe for weeks, or even a couple of months. That is until the next major, or significant hole, bug of fault is discovered, and that not only on or regarding XP.