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Adobe Flash can be a pain, when upgrading

Adobe Flash can be a pain, especially if you, like me, use several different browsers. Quite typical if you're working with web development. But having different browsers installed may also offer you an escape route and/or backup solution if, or rather when, a SNAFU occurs. Anyhow.... I am not among the huge protesters when it comes to Flash or Java. These standards do have their...

Google Remote desktop, worth testing!

Accessing desktops remotely has been possible for a long long time. But before such tools were either insecure, not designed for cross-platform, internet use, or downright expensive. "Ages" ago we used software from a vendor called NetOp . At the time we used it there weren't many contenders or alternatives.The software had lots of good features, best traffic encryption around and a good user interface,...

Browser updates, and what (nuisance) they can bring (back)

Yes, they can. You sit there peacefully, things are working ..well.. ok, then all of a sudden a new browser update is downloaded and automatically installed. The browser restarts, and ..whoa... font rendering SNAFU! This is a lot of gab that eventually might lead to a solution for you as well. you might have to scroll a little bit to get there. Or click this...