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My first go at Drupal 8, no need to hurry but...

I am onto it.. testing, testing, and testing.

Hi there, been a while since I posted anything here. In fact its been months. So it was high time to infest google with some new SEO "attractions" and see if I could lure some folks to read my posts. This is this a forewarning, plan to publish more within forseeable time. Well forseeable, it depends on free time as well as inspiration.

A paradigm shift in the Drupal world? 

Being a Drupal user and front-end web designer, of late for project/work reasons with diverted focus (working on other platforms), I've kept myself reasonably well updated with the development of the new beast called Drupal 8. Read posts from back when it first became beta. Did however not hop on it, being content with the Drupal 7 and observing lack of certain important functions (at the time).

Still, the list of lesson learned, changes of approaches, methods and design in Drupal 8 early on brought news of great promise!

With version 7 there's a certain amount loops and hoops one has to go through in order to bring the platform up to sensible snuff. In version 8 a lot of important functions are a part of the core. But for those of us who might have a setup process, one can achieve good results even if spending a little bit more time with preparation and installations.

Going for Drupal 8 now means to spend time mapping immediate needs and nice to haves, timelines, then decide whether to go for the new, or the older version.

When to do it - depends on your needs?

The point when going for Drupal 8 is definitely nigh'ish. Depends on functional needs, on aim and focus. Some stuff is not yet there. It also matters to what extent the Drupal eco-system of modules and add-ons have moved in direction of 8. Important questions needs answer: will I lose some of the functions I have now? Are there any replacement functions available? See further down on the page for links to useful articles and pages that may answer some of these questions. 

Speaking for myself am not a core function PHP/Drupal developer, among those who sit down and write modules from scratch for Drupal. I utilize an existing eco-system and, when needed, go into dialogies core contributors and developers. People and who know the specific component to be used, inside and out. And how it correlates with others. Which very often offers a possibility to address concerns and needs from a more user/front-end experience, find quick solutions. 

Remember the Universal law -  KISS

Good design is, as always, a set of complexities with a ton of variables attached to them. Amidst of this the "doctrine of KISS" should not be forgotten. Well it is often forgotten, hell I sometimes forget it myself. Luckily I have partners and customers who keep me grounded. Still, KISS might not always be feasible, or to put it another way, to achieve the full bliss of KISS core functionality and design might not be quite as simple.

In some cases, especially with smaller sites not overloaded with functionality, with limited number of pages, a migration might not even be the better approach. In fact it might not even be feasible. Still there are some good tools and processes in place that allows you to migrate content, forms, fields, nodes, users and user groups.

This site is running Drupal 7, with an old'ish design that well.. works for me but, I'll openly admit, is a bit boring. Well I am bored of it, therefore might use it as a migration case. How I get on and how things work I'll report back here later. 

Cheers :)

Some useful Drupal 8 resources


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