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Adobe Flash can be a pain, when upgrading

Adobe Flash can be a pain, especially if you, like me, use several different browsers. Quite typical if you're working with web development. But having different browsers installed may also offer you an escape route and/or backup solution if, or rather when, a SNAFU occurs. Anyhow....

I am not among the huge protesters when it comes to Flash or Java. These standards do have their strong suits, even if code development and new standards have renderd both obsolete in some, no many, cases. And every once in a while, especially when you are updating stuff, something or might will stop working. In those cases it's good to have alternative routes to travel by.

And, as we all know, sometimes the fastest way forward is taking one step back. Today was such a day, a day for backstepping a little. Hence this blog/tip.

Updating Browser - Flash Player stopped working

Among the browsers I am using, last addition in the collection mentioned in this blog, I am a happy user of the Open source version of Chrome, called Chromium. You can read more about the differences between these Chrome and Chromium on this page. If you're interested in trying it (something I recommend) you can go here.  It's a fast, secure and good browser, it also comes in 64bit version, but not always the best friend of Flash player. Something I got to experience today. 

Anyhow, where was I.. yes.... after a delayed update of Chromium Flash stopped working. Some time spent on various forums and looking for solutions (and questions) suggested there was an incompatibility between some Flash resource files and the latest version. Some places it went as far as to suggest it would no work, due to lack of compatibility. Period.

Bummer... I thought, but decided not to give up immediately. Did a few re-installs, the type that may quickly destroy or create problems elsewhere. Flash worked in Firefox (Thank God!), but no results or change in Chromium. Tried Chrome, which I (of course) also have. Flash worked without any issues. 

The solution - one step back

More research was done, more pondering. Reboot of computer, no impact, no change. Then I went to this Adobe Flash Page, downloaded and ran Flash Uninstaller (scroll down on that page and you will see it). Once that was done I picked the Beta version of Flash on the page, and installed it.

Hey Presto! Flash working... in all browsers! What I also found interesting was that all browsers for some reason, responded faster than before. It could very well be that the Beta version is better than the released version. It could also be that the uninstaller cleaned up things on the computer. I've not detected any anomalies or any technical issues with this version.

So what am I getting at? In many cases and concerning many problems, given the complexity and multi-layered nature of how an operative system and a browser is working, sometimes a good uninstall and reinstall is the best thing to do. Not only that, it can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Might be a good idea to bookmark the page? There may come a day when a Flash uninstall and reinstall is both needed and the easiest way forwards, even if circumstances are different for you than for me. I don't know with 100% certainty but I would still guess that the Adobe Uninstaller built specifically for Flash is better at removing all registry entries and all relations to an installation. Increasing the chance that the next install is going to work better.