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Web Solutions

We deliver advisory, consultancy and hands-on work with regards to installation, configuration, design, styling and deployment of various web services.

Choice of web platform

The web content management platforms we use for deliveries are mainly, but not limited to, Drupal, Joomla and WordPressopen source frameworks, used by millions of people, and a vast number of companies as well as institutions all over the world.

These all have their individual strong suits, are very scalable and adaptable. Running large to very large websites is not an issue with any of the three. All platforms can be equipped with eCommerce or webshop add-ons, and a huge range of other functions and options.

The CMS platforms can also include Project or Document Management services, Collaboration, Workflow, Team or project oriented applications, forums, gallery media services, file and directory services integration and much much more.

Need a new and better web solution?

Perhaps you are considering to merge intranet and extranet/internet services? Go for a more centric approach? Doesn't suit everyone but with today's demand for availability it can make sense and is fully achievable, with one of the aforementioned platforms. All of them can handle a huge amount of documents, users and processes.

There are plenty of examples on the web on large websites using either Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. Our approach is that we suggest platform based on the specific requirements in a given project or concept. Some projects and design examples or approaches you may find on this page.