Web projects

We have delivered various types of web information architecture and solutions, corporate, company or personal web pages, portals, intranet, extranet and larger scale content management services (CMS).

We have also delivered eCommerce or web shops, auction sites, forums, knowledge management, web galleries, as well as web messaging and collaboration services. 

Web site solutions, CMS/eCommerce examples

Below a selection of web projects. For some of the clients listed we also deliver content, social media services, web analytics, web site maintenance, and upgrades when needed or when the client desire changes. More details re. our offerings can be found here.

Website: revirstredet.com, a band and musicians page featuring among ohers

  • Parallax front page
  • blog/newsletter function (coming)
  • Discography with MP3 players
  • Band and band members section (coming)
  • Gallery  & Video function (coming)
  • SEO adaption

Role: solution propositions, to design, architecture, installation, configuration, administration, content production as well as graphics design. All in accordance with customer's decisions and desires of gettin a simple, easy to use and functional website..

Ownership of content, updates and publishing by customer.

Website: NeonJazz.no, a band and musicians page featuring among ohers

  • Front page slideradmiralsportswear.no
  • blog/newsletter function
  • Discography with MP3 player
  • Band and band members section
  • Gallery function
  • Download functions 

Role: Everything from start-up planning, solution propositions to design, architecture, installation, configuration, administration, content production as well as graphics design.

Latter in accordance with customer's decisions.

Ownership of content, updates and publishing by customer.

digiTALL.no is a website belonging to an IT and Accounting firm. The customer wanted something different, visual, with brief yet concise description of services.

digitall.noAs a result we built the original concept on 

  • a modern one-page solution 
  • responsive, visual  design that works well on mobile/tablet
  • a panel based architecture, enables high flexibility with rgds to design
  • some neat scripts and functions to create a fresh approach and scrolling.
  • new sections i.e. blogs and live twitter integration may surface later 

Role: Project Management, total delivery including among others lay-out and web design, installation and configuration. Site was upgraded January 2015.

We also delivered new logo graphics, illustrations and content.

Fall 2018: we were tasked to give digiTALL a complete refurbishment which turned out to become a natural evolution of the original concept. The new site was launched in October 2018.

Tracesgospel.com is a website for one of the most versatile female choirs in Scanadinavia and Northern Europe.

tracesgospel.comThe solution features among others

  • Bootstrap based responsive design
  • Advanced slide view tool (MegaSlider)
  • Custom mode choir member display
  • various web applications.
  • shortcode and boostrap grid making all pages elements responsive and automatically size adjusting.
  • an extranet solution, i.e. with separate sections/pages and areas for members.
  • complete up/downstream file directory service view via browser with streaming, up/download function. 
  • newsletter services and custom web forms

Role: Project Management, total delivery, lay-out and design, adaption, installation, configuration, graphics and illustrations.

This was an interesting and pretty comprehensive project that aimed at pairing two companies but keep information apart. In order to create a solution that gave maximum exposure it was decided to go for a web triangle design comprised of:

  • Fabrikken.comFabrikken.com, web front-end with news/blog and user login, handling of user registrations, user profiles, password updates and other user specific information in tandem/sync with the below sites.
  • IT Fabrikken, IT/IS services website with responsive design. Also features all Faronics products information in Norwegian. 
  • Regnskapsfabrikken, accounting firm, solution with responsive design built up like the above site.

Role: Project Management, total delivery, architecture, installation, configuration, plus production of content for all 3 sites, in additions to graphics and illustrations. Design/lay-out in accordance with customer's preferences/wishes.

Project completed on delivery and handed over to customer.

Website: Fotball-Import, web shop/eCommerce solution and Content management (CMS) based on Open Source software that includes

  • fotball-import.noresponsive design
  • blog/newsletter function
  • paypal integration
  • rule set for freight cost calculation
  • user invoice and order history

Site went live December 2012.
Role: Start-up planning, solution proposals, choice of solution to design, architecture, installation, configuration ,administration, training and graphics design.

Latter in accordance with customer's needs and decisions. Customer took care of content and images publishing.

September 2015: completed first phase of a larger renovation/upgrade project and added some new functions. The site now contains over 1,500 products and counting.
January 2017: After over 5 years in production, thousands of transactions/sales and no major issues, the site was closed due to owner's retirement from the business. It's a living testament to Joomla CMS being far better than its historic reputation. 

ruud.noWebsite: Ruud.no, included here because it's a curiosity. It's a bit fun to look back on something one did literally eons ago. Who knows maybe one day this creation will make it to a digital museum! 

Originally released/published winter 1998, more than 20 years down the line the site is still used by its owner and customers! And there still is traffic!

Design have gone a bit skewed or dodgy but that's long since the owner's responsibility.

Role: creative approach, total delivery of everything, graphics, layout, content, scripts adaption. Back in the day there wasn't much to play around with but html and some cgi scripting :)