Yeah I am "drupalized", with good reason(s)

Indeed, and I don't say that because it's hip or cool, but because of the platform, the possibilities, solidity, scalability and, not entirely unimportant, safety. Though truth be told, if you are concerned with security then the first thing to consider is to get a SSL certificate for your website, regardless of what it's build with. Especially if you offer any form of login, or identity storing, even if it's just a requisite for adding comments. 

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if you offer any form of registration, or even use of web forms other than a simple contact form, you should consider an SSL certificate.

Drupal SplashIn the year that's gone by....

I've devoted quite a bit of time to Drupal,  and the more I've learned, discovered, the more aha revelations I've had. I've done a number of projects, larger and smaller, the majority built with and on Drupal, with responsive design and set up to function exactly as the owner or customer wanted. Some claim the platform it's too nerdy but I beg to differ, yeah I seriously beg to differ.

However, if you're not very experienced with building sites then I recommend you get some assistance. This is a blessing in disguise with rgds to WordPress, things look so easy one may skip or overlook some rather important matters, wether design or technically oriented. 

Using CMS, whether open source or licensed software is all about a methodology, approach and way of thinking. Ok, the larger brother named WordPress might at first, possibly second glance look like it's easier to deal with. That's just the beginning. Quickly you may realize that pitfalls exists, regardless of methodology or standards.

Besides, most people might (or should) leave for designers and developers to build scaffolding and foundations. On which you can focus on content. If done properly, well then you won't have any trouble getting into using the platform. Quite the contrary, It'll take you mere minutes, Word and especially Excel is a tougher challenge really!

Once upon a time..

I evaluated Drupal for a CMS project online, this was back in the early 2000, don't remember exactly what year, possibly 2002 or 2003. Some friends of mine wanted a solid, flexible CMS for web portal usage. At that time, ages before WordPress emerged, alternatives were few. Back then it certainly would be fair to say Drupal was nerdy! But as it more importantly lacked some function needed I ended up using a Norwegian platform called ezPublish.

This platform is very much alive, kicking and today remains a serious contender to almost any standard you may want to consider. Plenty of add-ons, plugins and a serious product portfolio but it ain't cheap.

Choice of platform is important..

and it might be that many could avoid overspending on licensed software while taking open source solutions such as Drupal into consideration. The flexibility is almost limitless and it is, possibly more than any other open source platform, far far more than just a Content Management Service. It is a framework on which you can design many processes and functions. Still not convncined? Well... try me! Besides I do also build stuff with other platforms, should you have particular preferences or needs.

Cheers :)