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Tags and tagging in blog

Finally that too is done, well at least for the blog, see no point in tagging static information pages, those are few, will remain few and are easy to find.

I didn't build or incorporate tagging and taxonomy into this site from the beginning, simply because a blog wasn't part of the original plan. It wasn't until later I decided to enable the blog, later being a year ago now. If blogging is your intention then there are (definitely) smarter approaches than mine, if blog is your goal then you might be better off using Wordpress rather than Drupal

Wordpress is much more geared towards blogging whereas Drupal was more geared towards larger content management projects. This remains true today even though I will admit to be quite impressed with how Wordpress has evolved over the last few years. The platform owes much to a huge community of developers, contributors and code geeks. The same is true for Drupal as well, I still think Drupal is superior in some more advanced contexts. 

Anyhow, that is another cup of tea, one I've blogged about before. Using the newly implemented tags it should now be relatively easy to find similar posts on this blog. I am also considering a TagCloud, you know the fancy sort where the size of the tag is related to how many times a term or tag has been used. That might come later, but I'm not so sure it'll improve things much.

Yeah one last tip if I may, perhaps not necessary but if you want to use tagging, start using it right away. Don't, like me, get the brilliant idea a year later, with the subsequent effect that you have to go through umpteen posts to tag them. Start adding tags when you post, even if you don't intend to use taxonomy right away. 

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