New web project, something (completely) different

Been working on a new project that was launched a couple of days ago. Quite different from most other things I've done, not the least with regards to the web architecture. Good to work with new angles, get a different perspective.

In early discussions with the client it quickly became clear that they wanted something modern, a solution with less text and easy reading. A scroll of text and images, bundled together with some slick functions, adaptable and functional for mobile/tablet use as well as ordinary browsers and computers. We started with building in a lot of features, then disabled many not needed, but that could be brought to life later.

Sometimes web design is more about taking away or reducing than adding functions. The latest project definitely is one such.

We see them more and more often now, these one page creations. Working with "a scroll of text and imagery" sort of sent me back in time. Reminded me of the first pages I made in the 90s, a set up with contextual link and blocks of content that stretched for miles. They were pretty awful truth be told. But with todays technology on the scripting it is downright amazing how much one can achieve, and how well it works.

The client, being new company, didn't have any logo so I made that too. Again the process worked in a reverse sense, starting the first day making various rather complex suggestions, day 2 "rebooting" the process and begin with a simpler concept, yet those derived from lessons learned in the first phase. Front picture came from the personal photo library so no copyright issues. My experience with graphics  design dates back to the time of the first official beta releases of Photoshop and Illustrator. At the time when QuarkXPress was the king on desktop publishing. Since then it's been tinkering on and off, now more on than in a long time. And I enjoy it :)

Anyhow, for once not a long winded blog post, I'll end it here. Below is top/main view of the page, click image if you want to to see the whole thing. The solution is in Norwegian only, there was no need for a bi-lingual setup.