First BSOD on Windows 7/64. But system restore worked!

If you are running AVG Free version (which btw is excellent IMHO) and one day feel an almost irresistible urge to try their Tune-up utility, I have one recommendation for you....

DON'T! OR... do it if you know you have a (safe) retreat or recall option. It might work for you, then again you risk ending up where I landed. 

For the sake of an experiment decided to try the AVG PC tuneup tool. Reason being I had my very first win 7/64 BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) experience today. The beginning of the story looked non-alarming or pleasing, the utility ran through my system and listed up Umpty-ThreeOrFourOrFive thousand things that was wrong. Then offered me to run their utility to fix things...

Yes it "fixed things".... to pieces!

Distractedly I looked through the list of alleged errors and problems, then made the (too hasty) feeble-minded decision that this should be mostly harmless. For a while everything look ok, once done the tool happily reported back that the overall PeaSea conditions now had risen to new systemic heights. 

Bliss and Bravo... it claimed.

At one point I had to reboot the computer. It did not take long before old daemons from "LittleSoft Hell" Anno 1995-99 showed up.

Lots of things all of a sudden didn't work. For one thing AVG Antivirus would not start, claiming a license key was missing (!) [This was a free version]. Thought that to be a bit odd so I went online to download a new version, thinking it was the "tune up" kit that, as I feared, had tuned things down.

Then I discovered I could no longer download files with Firefox!

To make a long story short, the more I dug the more shit (or lack thereof sort-of paradoxically) emerged. Several windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files were corrupted, and a whole lot of other things I will not bother you with.

So, somewhat unwillingly I got to test, first time, the fancy (yet not too new) function in windows called F8, which brings up the advanced boot menu. From here you select Repair your computer which brings up System Recovery options (right).

Then I chose to:

  • restore to previous version, some days prior to the BSOD
  • let windows do it's thing, it takes time but a SSD system disk helps.
  • reboot and.....

Hey Presto! ShitBegone!

Morale to the story; Sometimes the best way forward is by taking a step back. I could have spent the whole afternoon (and possibly evening) trying to repair things but in the end, the shortest route was a windows restore. You won't lose your personal files, or documents. It just recall your previous windows situation.

If you didn't know now about F8 utilities (possibly because you've never had to use them) well.... now you do. My Advice:

  • think very carefully before running optimizing tools, trying to sell you the promised land, sub-optimization might be what awaits you.
  • remember that Win7/64 and 8.x has several repair tools, all of which work (in their own way) but the shortest route out of PCHell might simply be.. System Restore.

End of story. 

Now ..  time to lit a candle. I lost nothing, and had to reinstall.. NOTHING. Yes it will be a long long LONG while before this sort of posting infestation hit a screen near you.. at least from my end.