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Bvckup 2, backup software worth considering

Early in February I blogged about experiences with a Private cloud or NAS solution. Plus early stage experience with a backup application/service called Bvckup 2.

Now, as usually is the case, software was included in the NAS package. Some was useful, some was fairly useless, and the backup aspect of the software package really was  useless.  

The solution? Spent $20 on an application that, as it later turned out, not only was better in every respect but also offered a wide range of options not a part of the original software. Problem solved!

Backup - standard in any household

It should be, but sometimes isn't. We store rapidly growing amounts of private data on our computers. Some rely on and subscribe to Cloud services, to make life simpler. Most Cloud service providers will tempt you with free storage .... that is up to a certain point or limit.

Beyond that you get bills, and are at the mercy of your provider.

If you later choose to move out of the cloud service, migrate your data to a new provider well, you are facing a massive task. One that most people shy away from. This of course all Cloud service providers know and have factored in. Which is why an entry level or the first gigs are for free. However, that joy may not last very long, sooner or later your storage requirements have grown past the free lunch stage. Faster if you throw backup into the mix. One reason why a Private cloud or NAS solution could be a solution.

Bvckup 2 with NAS or Private cloud,  6 weeks later

I knew it almost the moment I lay my hands and eyes on the software, or shortly after... hours after. The past weeks have been a confirmation. Bvckup 2 is, without having tested every other solution around, possibly one of the best you'll ever find. Especially when/if compared to costs.

What's more, the application and concept is good for a a lot bigger challenges than private use. I've this far only used it for a few 100 lousy Gigabytes. What I've seen makes me 100% confident it will perform equally well in a professional or corporate context, or if you are using it to copy many terabytes.

In fact, thinking about how much a company might spend on backup solutions and software I sincerely believe Bvckup 2 can contribute to simpler service design, less resources spent as well as significant cost reduction.

All while the application itself requires little resources when in operation, especially if compared to other solutions I've seen and used.. One reason for this is that the software design is simple, honest, a WYSIWYG like approach with enough under-the-hood features to please anyone from amateurs or home users, to professionals.

Instead of writing miles up and miles down about my own impressions, take my word for it, this product will cover most needs. Go check the website, it will give you a quick glance regarding features and options. You should also check out Bvckup 2 support forum. Forum posts can help you get a good/true picture of how a product works, for users, in different scenarios. Thus add valuable insight during a trial or test period. PLus you'll be able to assess if information and/or marketing material holds water.

In the case of this product, it does.

Note: this blog was written because I like the software, have no affiliations with the vendor other than being a happy user & customer :)

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