Adobe Flash is crashing - a solution

Since blogging about my recent browser experiences problem didn't seem to go away. An annoying one too, for Flash is, considered by some, a damnation it would be good to put to rest, for more reasons that I'd care to elaborate on here. However, steadily the situation has improved, whether from a resource or security point of view,  and thus Flash remains used widely across platforms and web services.

Does Flash Crash?

If so then that may very well be because of updates, or where updates of flash, browsers and graphics card drivers are not quite so well sync'ed as they should be. A good diagnostic and place to make change would be to go to this page. If the flash image turns up ok, then you know the plugin is working. Right click over the image and select settings.  Uncheck for hardware accleretaion like shown in screenshot to the right.

This should in most cases solve the problem!