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Brief introduction

From time to time I blog about web, information technology & services, information culture, web solutions etc. A more personal or general blog you can find here. Feel free to use the RSS feed (top right) to subscribe. Chrome or Chromium users can download an RSS Feed app here. If you find any of the posts interesting I don't mind use of social media functions to share links. 

Delegation principles - stimulates growth and (collective) knowledge

Lets begin by journeying back a couple of decades. Information technology architecture meant (then as now) complex design, mysterious large black boxes in a noisy (often too warm) room down in the basement of your office location. A room to which only a few had access (the sacred data-temple) and in fact only a few really needed access. Users normally got specific functions on an...

Collaboration, hype or eco/environmental IT strategy?

It's been on my mind for quite some time but I somehow never got around to write anything about it. Collaboration has been a buzzword for quite some time. In fact for a great many years. I recall it started in the later 90's while IBM/Lotus products such as Sametime and Quickplace hardly was known as much more than upcoming new hot stuff. Some of us in early contact with these technologies immediately saw great value but also challenges.

Welcome to my blog!

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! It's been ... hmm.. quite a while since I wrote and/or posted blogs on the net. After more than 1000 blogs over some years the project (elaborate term for something that had neither any specific aim or purpose) fizzled out, possibly as a result of verbal fatigue. So, after some contemplation, self scrutiny plus pondering while asking pertinent questions, why blog again, do I have anything (sensible) to say and so forth, I finally decided.. well.. maybe. Final is such a uh.. drastic word. But what is certain is that I'll write in english!