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Brief introduction

From time to time I blog about web, information technology & services, information culture, web solutions etc. A more personal or general blog you can find here. Feel free to use the RSS feed (top right) to subscribe. Chrome or Chromium users can download an RSS Feed app here. If you find any of the posts interesting I don't mind use of social media functions to share links. 

Internet - a digital Antiques Roadshow?

A joke, but seriously, too many antiquities are in service on the web/internet, with outdated software, or operative systems. Those who own these may one day get a nasty surprise, contrary some of the people showing up in the BBC Antiques Roadshow . People who are responsible for server antiquities are gambling with privacy, trust and security.

Updates, Windows XP, last oil and orders

On April 8'th 2014 Microsoft began distribute the last update for Windows XP (are they done?), If you're one of the recipients then be advised that it's high time to consider an alternative, a future platform, Windows or other. No danger yet, in fact you may still be safe for weeks, or even a couple of months. That is until the next major, or significant hole, bug of fault is discovered, and that not only on or regarding XP.

Web presence, why you should build & improve it

I am sure you have done it, one or many times, Googled yourself, searched your name. In most cases searches will return pages that has no connection to you, don't contain any information whatsoever or at least nothing you consider representative. If you're a member of Social services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. these will normally either rank on top or very high up on the result lists.

Spam, spam and more [bloody] spam

If I have one wish for the future, a perpetual wish for the future, it is that algorithms and agents to detect spam, whether mail, registration bots, servers and scripts, improves faster than the spammers can develop it. Admittedly, a lot has improved, spam is not on a decline but at least with regards to mail filtering things are better, especially if compared to say 10 years ago.

Social Business - IT Money Pit or Cash Cow?

It's been a few years since the concept of Social Business became a buzzword (to some), and began to flash across Power Point presentations. It's also been a few years since Gartner Group began to write about Social Business, perform analysis and benchmarking to support their, at least to some, well known Magic Quadrant predictions.

Website encryption - a must (?)

Yes I think so, if you have a contact form, definitely if your website got services that requires login. Whatever these may be. In such a case some form of (basic) encryption is a must and a minimum! Why you may ask? Well for one thing, more than ever data traffic is being traced and tracked, that also includes anything sent via the internet on http:// or port 80.

If you build it they will come (?)...

This title has erroneously been associated with the film Field of Dreams (1989) In which, while walking in his cornfield, novice farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice that whispers, " If you build it, he will come ". Ray interprets this as an instruction to build a baseball diamond in his fields. After he does, Shoeless Joe Jackson and other dead baseball players emerge from the cornfields to play ball. Good film by the way......

So, what CMS or Web Solution should you choose?

A highly relevant question. Well at least if you're out there looking for a web solution for your company, enterprise or ... just for fun. There are many great solutions available, from general public license or free, to the rather expensive. By the way, CMS means Content Mangement System , and this blog will be about some free/open source based ones. However and this is...

Include training in your budgets!

Users, developers, architects, advisers and administrators alike, "we" all need knowledge refill. Need to be enlightened, ignited, re-ignited, reminded, made aware of what goes on. As the wheel of IT development spins ever faster, a few years passes on and your business might be out of sync with up-to date solutions. Such may lead to more painful and costly changes. Equally bad, the infrastructure people...